AR shooter for Quest 2 & Pro turns your living room into a war zone

Image: VirtualGo LLC / DavidMVRGo

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Soldiers in the hallway, helicopters in the garden, tanks in the driveway: in “FPS Enhanced Reality” for Quest Pro and Quest 2, every environment becomes a shooting level.

The “Virtual Go” publisher is known for its spooky and action-packed mixed reality experiences in the player’s own home. In Hauntify, players lure virtual ghostly creatures through their real home to eventually exorcise them and collect relics.

One of the studio’s current augmented reality projects may already be too martial or realistic for some users: The FPS Enhanced Reality AR Game for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro turns rooms and hallways into a battlefield. Soon the garden, meadow or other places will also become digital battlefields.

war everywhere

The team is currently working on an analysis feature for the upcoming “Outdoor Battlefield” mode. In one trailer, you can see weapons leaning against chairs, opponents hiding behind walls, or being thrown into the air after an explosion.

After manually setting up your home as a Digital Warzone, virtual enemies will use walls, tables, closets, and stairs as cover. Once the game starts, you’ll patrol rooms, hallways, and floors to surprise attackers with assault rifles, pistols, or even a knife. In different modes you will have to survive a certain time to unlock other difficulty levels.

Going outside should offer even more thrills. Once you set up places like your patio or the lawn behind the house, you’ll be attacked by helicopters while defending the barbecue from foot soldiers. There might even be an armored personnel carrier waiting for you in the driveway. For such moments, heavier weapons like a bazooka or sniper rifle are at your disposal.

Daylight on a clear day may be too much for the Quest 2. Developer MonteCube recommends avoiding direct sunlight. Meta’s high-end Quest Pro headset isn’t really meant for outdoor use either. Nonetheless, it performs surprisingly well outdoors on cloudy days and in ideal lighting conditions. FPS Enhanced Realityā€¯ should therefore also work much better outdoors with Quest Pro than with Quest 2.


Thanks to Color Passthrough with Quest Pro, the exterior retains its colors. The Quest 2 only offers a blurrier black and white image in AR mode.

Experimental AR battles

The game is still in the experimental stage. Nevertheless, some details already favor the feeling of presence, such as bullet holes, burning furniture or manual reloading.

For the current manual configuration, it is mandatory to disable the Guardian mode of Quest devices in the system settings. More tips and setup instructions are available on the official Youtube channel.

We don’t yet know when the outdoor update will be released. Future updates are expected to bring online multiplayer, a sandbox mode, and a shooting range, among other things.

“FPS Enhanced Reality” is available for $10 in Meta’s early access store “App Lab”. The version available on requires a more complex installation via sideloading and sidequest.

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