Epic Games Store offers one of the best VR games

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Star Wars: Squadrons offers wonderfully immersive space battles in virtual reality. It is now available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Star Wars: Squadrons was released in October 2020 to high praise from press and fans.

The plot takes place after the destruction of the second Death Star. From the rebellion grows the New Republic. The Empire is on its knees, but not yet completely defeated. You slip into the role of two anonymous pilots in squadrons on both sides and thus alternately experience the exciting and expansive campaign from opposing points of view.

During the story, you control eight spaceships with different weapons, equipment, hulls and engines. From an Empire support ship to a nimble New Republic starfighter, each ship feels and controls differently.

In addition to the 14 story missions, the game also features two multiplayer modes. “Dogfight” is a space deathmatch in which two teams of five face off. In “Fleet Battles”, you must destroy the other team’s flagship while a space battle rages around you. Both game modes can be played multiplayer as player versus player or co-op against an all-bot team.

Star Wars Squadrons: A First-Class VR Experience

Star Wars Squadrons was developed in parallel for screens and virtual reality. MIXED colleague Max tested and compared both versions and found in his Squadrons review:

“For me, a childhood dream came true that I had probably forgotten because of the last Star Wars trilogy: when I sit in the X-Wing, I see the droid behind me and the Admiral Ackbar speaks to me, long-forgotten feelings arise And when I look up after my first 180 degree drift and, thanks to virtual reality, I don’t lose sight of the tie hunter running above me and as I pull with confidence, I realize: this is the way.


Thanks to the variety of starships, great controls, fantastic graphics, beautifully modeled and functional cockpits, and a distinctive soundscape, Star Wars Squadrons is a “true fan-fest,” Max writes in his conclusion.

Get Star Wars Squadrons for Free in the Epic Games Store

Of November 24 to December 1, you can get the (VR) game for free from the Epic Games Store. The regular price in the Epic Games Store and on Steam is $39.99.

To play Star Wars Squadrons in VR, you need a PC VR compatible headset or Meta Quest 2 with PC VR streaming (guide). Spaceships are controlled via mouse and keyboard, HOTAS or gamepad. VR controllers are not supported.

When you start the VR game, it connects to the Oculus PC app or SteamVR. So make sure the software is installed and updated. You may also need to install and configure the Origin client.

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