Figmin XR for Quest 2 and Quest Pro turns your room into a mixed reality canvas

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Figmin XR is a creative kit for mixed reality experiences in your living room. I tried.

Figmin XR was previously only intended for AR headsets like Hololens, Magic Leap, and Nreal Light. Since the launch of Meta Quest Pro, the app is also available for Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2, which I used to try out the mixed reality app.

Figmin XR makes it easy to bring digital content of all kinds into physical space and create magical mixed reality scenes in your living room.

The program offers a basic set of 3D objects. However, Figmin XR becomes powerful when it integrates with other platforms, allowing you to import countless multimedia contents:

  • Giphy for GIFs
  • Youtube for videos
  • Reddit for photos and other media
  • Make sketches for 3D models

Sketchfab import turned out to be one of the The best features of Figmin XR for me. Sketchfab is the world’s largest library of 3D models, and thanks to Figmin XR, there’s finally an easy way to view 3D models with an inexpensive VR headset — and in passthrough mode to boot.

In seconds, I can bring awesome 3D models into my living room as holograms, zoom in and zoom out at will, place them wherever I want, and view them from all sides as I walk around my room.

Although Figmin XR can only display a limited number of polygons, this display limit is sufficient for many 3D models. If you want, you can even manipulate artificial lighting to optimally illuminate objects.

Once you discover great content, you can collect it and save the created scenes for later viewing or demonstrations.

Figmin XR turns your living room into a canvas

With FigminXR, my apartment quickly turned into a mixed reality experimentation room. Instead of the wall mirror, I placed a 3D painting so I could see through the wall into another world. Above a wall cabinet I placed a beautiful bust and decorated the partially bare walls with artwork I found on Reddit.

What’s been possible with smartphone AR for years, but not particularly exciting, unleashes a magical effect with Passthrough AR, as digital and analog merge right in front of you, rather than just on a small screen. The effect could be even more impressive with Meta Quest Pro, which displays the physical environment in color.

The creative possibilities of FigminXR offer much more than just importing and placing digital objects.

  • Thanks to the integration tilting brush toolsyou can draw in the room and add visual effects to 3D objects.
  • A text editor lets you create stylish 3D lettering and text banners.
  • A voxel editor lets you create, shape and paint simple 3D models. Even finished 3D models can be turned into a malleable mass using the Voxelizer tool.
  • With a physics editor you can manipulate physical effects. Yes, it’s true: 3D objects can be given physics properties and bounce off walls and furniture, provided you draw them first.

Direct recording in mixed reality is not an option for Quest 2

Figmin XR is a mixed reality sandbox and as such has many uses, such as learning apps, 3D visualization, marketing and content creation.

Speaking of content creation: Unfortunately, it’s not possible to take photos or videos of the mixed reality scenes directly through the headset. According to the studio, this only works with the Meta development software via the PC.

This is due to the fact Meta does not allow passthrough cameras to record surroundings in stand-alone mode for confidentiality reasons. Simple saving and sharing of your creations is therefore not an option, at least not with Meta Quest 2.

The video shows a Halloween-themed mixed reality scene that was recorded with Meta Quest Pro.

What I also don’t like is the rudimentary search function of the media content. Alternatively, you can search for content on your computer and make it accessible within the app by importing web links through the dashboard.

Figmin XR is a glimpse into the future of mixed reality

Figmin XR offers an exciting glimpse into a future where mixed reality is commonplace, meaning digital and analog co-exist in the same space and new creative possibilities emerge.

Hololens, Magic Leap and Nreal Light: only a few have this material. With Figmin XR for Meta Quest 2, mixed reality becomes accessible to more people. The fact that the headset doesn’t display the world in color doesn’t take away from the fascination of the Figmin XR.

The question is how quickly the initial wow effect will wear off. I’ll have to test Figmin XR longer and longer for that. At $20 (Quest Store), the app is a bit pricey if you just want to give it a quick spin.

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