“Light Delights” for Quest Pro and Quest 2 will delight you

Image: Greg Madison

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Interface designer Greg Madison projects hypnotic mixed reality neon lights into your home with Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2.

Greg Madison, interaction designer and employee of Unity Labs, continues to explore his favorite topic of mixed reality in his spare time. Now you can enjoy the results of a highly creative weekend on your Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Interactive light show for Quest 2 and Quest Pro

Madison’s free demo called “Light Delights” features mesmerizing objects floating in space that can be manipulated via hand tracking. Luminous spheres and geometric shapes float directly in front of the passing image. Thanks to the integrated hand tracking, you can touch and influence all objects with your hands.

A former magician, Madison has a knack for capturing the attention of her audience with unusual objects. Despite its simplicity, the design is elegant. Or voluntarily kitsch, as with a sparkling neon pink bust.

What’s most fun is how quickly and responsively things slide through my hands. When I push shiny spheres and cuboids away from the magnetic center, the objects float as I expected. The lack of haptics barely bothers me as my fingers glide through the air.

In one scene, my hands become magnets themselves, dragging a tail of geometric blocks through the spaces. It’s really magical.

Zwei Hände ziehen in der AR-Demo glühende Blöcke aus Computergrafik durch die Wohnung.

Image: Greg Madison

Equally impressive are the dynamic light sources in multiple colors that I move around. You can also visit the developer’s office: I won’t tell you how, but find out for yourself.

Even with the Quest 2 and the crude black and white pass video, I enjoyed the demo. Quest Pro users will have an even more immersive experience with color passthrough.

Madison’s interactive visualizations would lend themselves well to psychedelic puzzle or action games, or musical visualizations in the style of Tempest 2000 creator Jeff Minter.

You can now download version 0.0.1 of Light Delights on Github for free.

Magical AR experiences

Madison has previously shown visually stunning mixed reality experiences. In March 2022, he showed how we could work in the Metaverse desktop in the future – with AR headset, hand tracking and digital monitors.

In early 2020, the former magician designed a mixed reality counterpart to his real home, which he later turned into an AR game. At Unity Labs, Madison is also working on social experiences like the mixed reality chess game Slices, which is created with Meta. You can find more experiments on Madison’s YouTube channel.

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