Microsoft won’t get exclusive rights to OpenAIs models


Microsoft is a major investor in OpenAI and is rumored to want to secure up to 49%. However, the software giant should not obtain exclusive rights to ChatGPT or other models.

Microsoft has already been investing in OpenAI since 2019 and is rumored to want to integrate ChatGPT conversational AI into Bing Web Search and other Microsoft products. So far, only the integration of ChatGPT and other AI models in Azure OpenAI Service has been officially confirmed.

Altman now clarifies in a recent interview that this is not an exclusive deal and that the company can continue to develop its own software products and services.

The situation is similar with GPT-3, although Microsoft has obtained some exclusive rights to the AI ​​model and can thus offer follow-up training with data via Azure, for example. Other companies will need to use the API.

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The situation is similar with GPT-3, but Microsoft has obtained exclusive rights to the GPT-3 model and offers fine-tuning through Azure. Other companies have to make do with the API and can fine-tune the models through OpenAI. GPT-3, DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT are also available through OpenAI web interfaces.

Addressing potential Google search competition from OpenAI and ChatGPT, Altman says, “Whenever someone talks about a technology as the end of another giant company, it’s usually wrong. I think people forget that they can make a countermove here, and they’re pretty smart, pretty capable. Still: There will be a shift for search at some point, but not as drastically as people think, he said.

Altman thinks a smooth transition to AGI is possible

Altman would not specifically comment on AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The closer we get to AGI, the more difficult it becomes to answer when an AGI is considered AGI and the transition to it won’t be as abrupt as some might expect, he said.

Altman also confirmed that OpenAI is working on a video model. However, he said it was too early to talk about a release date.

A conversation about AI with one of the big players in the industry inevitably leads to the question of how to use AI in a safe and responsible way. Google just published an article on the subject and senior representatives from Alphabet, Google and Deepmind issued a detailed statement on the progress of AI as part of the publication.


Artists and designers protest against AI-generated graphics
Artists and designers protest against AI-generated graphics

In this context, Altman mentioned various internal and external forums that would be used to review the risks. OpenAI recently unveiled its own alignment rules. The OpenAI co-founder strongly believes that AI will change society. He needs to figure out how he wants to manage the technology.

Watch the full conversation with reporter Connie Loizos in the video below.

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