New PSVR 2 video shows finger tracking in action

Picture: Sony

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A video shows off Playstation VR 2’s precise finger tracking, and Sony is also filing a patent for gameplay NFTs generated from your gameplay moments.

The Playstation VR 2 will launch on February 23, 2023, and Sony’s new VR headset is ready and waiting to ship. Those who were able to secure a presale spot through Sony’s original lottery can expect some impressive hardware, according to early previews. Whether the high price of 599.99 euros is worth it will only become clear over the next couple of years.

A video has surfaced that shows just how accurate the VR headset’s finger tracking can be. Additionally, a new patent from Sony describes a system for creating NFTs during gameplay.

PSVR 2 tracks individual finger moments

On Twitter, a user posted a smartphone video showing a tester playing Horizon Call of the Mountain. It shows how real finger movements are transferred from Sense controllers to virtual reality.

The technology built into the Sense controllers fully replicates the user’s hands in virtual reality and enables the conversion of little finger movements into three-dimensional inputs. The tester moves the fingers individually, waves several fingers alternately up and down, or reaches into the virtual water with spread fingers during a boat ride. When looking at the monitor, virtual movements can be seen, showing how the controls distinguish individual fingers.


The exact reproduction of hands in VR is achieved in part by the pressure sensors on the Sense controllers. The VR headset recognizes how the controllers are held and can thus represent hand movements in VR accordingly. If the controller loses connection or has difficulty detecting pressure points, an AI system in the VR headset takes over and completes the hand animations.

Turn your PSVR 2 gameplay into NFT – new Sony patent

The behavior of your hands in virtual reality could soon be profitably immortalized for posterity. A Sony patent released last Thursday shows blockchain infrastructure that supports digital asset trading.

The twist is that it should allow gamers to create NFTs from their gaming experiences. Sony’s system could capture gameplay moments in the form of screenshots or video recordings and turn them into NFTs with unique metadata. The patent also mentions game objects or game characters as examples.

These would be stored on all devices. Sony cites Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 consoles as well as Playstation VR 2 as supported devices. Users could view the history of an asset and thus have an overview of previous owners and all metadata.

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