New VR games and Samsung wants to go back to the future

Picture: Samsung – old XR prototype

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Our weekly recap: New fodder for gaming fans and Samsung would like to re-enter the XR market next year.

New content for VR game fans

At the annual Game Awards, the industry celebrates and showcases the highlights of upcoming games. Virtual reality only plays a minor role, but at least this one. A VR highlight of The Game Awards is the explosive trailer for VR action RPG “Behemoth,” which will be released for Quest 2, Playstation VR, and PC VR. The best VR game at the Game Awards was Moss 2, and there was more gaming news at the UploadVR Showcase.

Winterliche Landschaft and Behemoth-Schriftzug

VR action RPG Behemoth promises epic action RPG battles. | Image: Skydance Interactive

Launch of Quest VR headsets in Germany

Meta VR is back in Germany: Since December 7, the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets have been sold again in Germany. For the first time since 2020, Meta VR is again available in Germany without import from EU countries. The devices are sold through the official Meta Store and at retailers like Amazon.

Samsung wants to go back to the future

Gear VR, Windows VR, Gear 360 and more – for a long time Samsung was one of the pioneers of the XR industry. However, the South Korean company’s involvement ended around 2019 and not too much fanfare. Although Samsung officials have always promised new XR products, nothing has happened. Apple’s allegedly imminent market entry has reportedly given Samsung a rethink: a mixed reality headset is set to launch next year.

Moss 1 and 2 receive PSVR 2 updates

Moss is one of the best VR game series of all time. And it will be even better on Playstation VR 2, according to development studio Polyarc. On PSVR 2, Moss I and II will run at 90Hz frame rate and 4K, and will support haptics as well as eye tracking.


Don’t Use ChatGPT for Important Things, Says OpenAI Co-Founder

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman warns against using ChatGPT for important issues. ChatGPT is “incredibly limited”, Altman writes, but “good enough at some things to create a false sense of grandeur.”

More AI topics at THE DECODER: Deepmind’s Dramatron to write film and theater scripts, and Microsoft CTO Scott Stein promises an even more exciting year of AI in 2023.

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