Someone gave their eye and face tracking to quest 1

Someone gave their eye and face tracking to quest 1

Image: Matthew Wheatly

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It might sound unbelievable, but someone managed to give their old Oculus Quest 1 eye and face tracking.

These advanced abilities normally come at a high cost, as they are the main features of Meta’s new Quest Pro, priced at $1,500. In response to a tweet from Brad Lynch about a modified Quest 2, Matthew Wheatly aka ChaoticPsion, shared what he described as a Franken Quest. Along with a 3D printed mount, a Vive face tracker has been attached to the Quest 1 faceplate (see featured image).

Old VR headset with new features

The most complicated part of this impressive modification adds eye tracking, as shown in this previous Tweeter from November 2022. Wheatly said eye and face tracking are transmitted wirelessly, but no details were given.

An ESP32-CAM module is visible on a circuit board. | Image: Matthew Wheatly

You should feel very comfortable with your modding skills try this project. A good knowledge of electronics would also be necessary. Attached to the bottom of the Quest 1 is an ESP32-CAM module visible on a circuit board that controls the eye-tracking cameras mounted inside the helmet.

For ambitious do-it-yourselfers

Wheatly has shared some links in case you’re motivated enough to explore adding such complicated mods to your own quest.

Both are Discord channels with names that clarify their purpose. VRCFace Tracking is a place to get help with setting up and configuring Vive’s face tracking with a variety of headsets. EyeTrack VR is a group for an open source DIY eye tracker for VR Chat via OSC interface compatible with multiple headsets.


While it’s much easier to buy an expensive headset like the Quest Pro that already includes eye and face tracking, or add face tracking to a compatible headsetyou can save hundreds of dollars and learn new skills if you have the time, patience, and equipment to build your own.

It should be noted that changes like this will not work with apps found in the Meta app store. PCVR is required and even then compatibility beyond VRChat is uncertain. It would be wise to do your research well before going too far down the rabbit hole with a mod you can’t use on a regular basis.

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